How moms reflect God’s love.

“Mama’s Mirror” May is the month in which we acknowledge the mothers in our lives. Mother’s Day can be a time for celebrating strong and enduring love, or it can be a painful reminder of loss or mistreatment and a broken relationship. The role of motherhood is one that can be both very challenging and […]

Kindness Project

” The Kindness Project. “ There are many different movements at present, encouraging kindness in our world. This concept was actually set in motion many years ago. Gal 5:22–23 lists nine characteristics that we as Christians should possess. The fifth fruit listed is gentleness, meaning kindness. If we are truly living a godly life, then […]

Revival of God’s Handmaids

” Renewal, Refreshing, and Revival of God’s Handmaids. “ It was the widow’s mite that touched the heart of Jesus because He knew that she had given of her penury or her poverty. It was the virtuous woman that Solomon addressed in the last chapter of Proverbs saying that “… a woman that feareth the […]

A Mother’s Godly Influence

“PRAYER: A Mother’s Godly Influence.” In my earliest conscious memory as a child, my first introduction to prayer came from my mother. From that point she became a main source of Godly influence, even unto adulthood, as a strong foundation of prayer was laid in my life, as she led by example. Basically, nearly every […]