Refund Policy
Refund Policy Information

Do you offer refund?

Yes. We will refund the payment made if your Website content, for example, from the link you provided is not acceptable or contrary to our Terms, etc.

This will be done via the same method the payment was received (i.e. PayPal) less any cost charged from PayPal.

So you need to make sure your Website link is in agreement with out Terms and Rules before you pay and submit your Site information.

And while we are grateful and thankful for all givings/donations received, we will refund the givings/donations from an individual, company or organization we believe is contrary to our Website Faith in God: Jesus and Christian Principles or Values.

The refund will be made with-in 14 days and in the same manner it was received (i.e. via PayPal) less any cost involved to make the refund a reality.