” The Kindness Project. “

There are many different movements at present, encouraging kindness in our world. This concept was actually set in motion many years ago. Gal 5:22–23 lists nine characteristics that we as Christians should possess. The fifth fruit listed is gentleness, meaning kindness. If we are truly living a godly life, then kindness will be a principle by which we live.

The definition of the word kindness is “the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate, a kind act.”

In Gal. 6:10 Paul instructs us to do good unto all men. Then, he gives us further instruction to go out of our way to show kindness especially to those who are our brothers and sisters in Christ.

What does kindness look like? According to 1 John 3:18, we are told not to love in word, neither in tongue; but in deed and in truth. In other words, don’t just talk about it, but get busy and do it.

How interesting that when love is described in 1 Cor 13:4 “Charity suffereth long and is kind,” the word kind in the Greek means more than just being nice to someone. Instead, it means to show oneself useful.

We have the awesome privilege and responsibility to bring Jesus to the world. Although some may not feel comfortable to come to our church to hear the Word of God preached, a message of kindness will be easily received no matter where it is shown.

What are ways that we can exemplify kindness to our world?

· Write a letter to your neighbor, expressing your appreciation for their kindness, their garden, their pet and the way in which they keep a beautiful yard.

· Offer to help a neighbor with their yardwork

· Ask an elderly person if they need help taking their garbage out, picking up groceries, washing their car, etc.

· Offer your time at a charity or an animal shelter, homeless shelter, food bank or local senior center

· Say something nice to someone today

o Giving a compliment to someone can make a huge difference in their day. Write compliments on Post it notes (or print them on little slips of paper) and hand them out. Examples of note content:

o You are beautiful

o Have a great day

o Your life matters

o Jesus loves you, etc.

Offer to help someone with their kids

o Babysit for free

o Take them to the park

o Play with them in their house, while mom tackles a chore or a project

o Help them with their homework

· Smile. A lot

o A smile can brighten someone’s day

o Keep a log of positive responses you receive

· Donate blood

o Blood banks are always looking for donors

· Bake cookies for someone

· Donate toys to a homeless shelter

· Posts positive reviews about places of business

o Coffee shops

o Ice cream shops

o Donut shops

o Clothing stores

· Ask people if they need help with anything

o We may not always know what someone needs, but we can ask

o Sometimes just the fact that you would ask, makes someone feel better

o Offer to return library books, help someone with their garden, etc.

· At a drive through restaurant or coffee shop, pay for the car behind you.

· Buy a $10 gas card and bless someone with it

· Put a couple of dollars and nice notes in envelopes and hand them out to the homeless

· Hold a door open for someone

· Make someone dinner

· Give an umbrella to someone when it is raining

In other words, Be a Blessing.
I Pet 3:9 tells us that when we are a blessing to others, we will receive a blessing.

Note: Start a Kindness Project with your TCG Club or in your youth group.
Give the above suggestions and add some of your own.
Compare notes of the responses of the recipients and don’t forget to share Jesus along the way.

Debbie Sanders
Today’s Christian Girl Director
(Info from: Today’s Christian Girl Newsletter – UPCI Ladies Ministries – ladiesconnections@upci.org )

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