Family Family Network

We are a family of Bible Believers. Our background goes back to Acts 2:38 and Isaiah 45:5-8 KJV in the Scriptures. We care and share information that will help and inspire others to live their best life in Christ.

Our Business Sites are managed and led by Mike Taylor in Philadelphia PA , United States. But our family is spread across Queens and Rochester in New York, Ontario in Canada and the British Caribbean.

Our Business Philosophy is centered around integrity, professionalism and ethics. We do not support Sites or Information that contradict good ethical and biblical principles. Therefore, we support family friendly Social and Business Sites that even children can access and like.

We prefer to make our Website Services easy to access, usable and likeable as possible. Hence, low cost, affordability, and effectiveness that produce the best desired results are essential to us and our Online Customers/Members.

The UPCI Family Ministries
We seek to encourage and empower entire families to better depend on God.

The UPCI Family Ministries Council is a cooperative effort of Youth Ministries, Ladies Ministries, Men’s Ministries, Children’s Ministries, and the Office of Education and Endorsement. Our mission is to coordinate the efforts of the UPCI’s focused ministries to children, youth, ladies, and men in order to serve our families holistically. Our resources are intended to enrich your family’s life and faith.

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