Anxiety attack and more...

"How to recognize an anxiety attack."Anxiety can occur when a person fears that something bad is going to happen. It is a non-medical term tha

Nutrition tips for better health and more...

They reported about "29 nutrition tips for better health and longevity."Good nutrition is a critical part of health and development. According

The quest for safer chicken and more...

"The Quest for Safer Chicken."Why are potentially deadly bacteria legally allowed in our poultry? And how can you and your family stay safe?

Exercise, Alzheimer and more...

"Exercise may stave off Alzheimer’s by regulating iron levels in the brain."Lack of physical activity is known to increase a person’s risk

Hospitals Often Charge Uninsured People the Highest Prices

"Hospitals Often Charge Uninsured People the Highest Prices, New Data Show."Raul Macias was rushed to an emergency room last November, with pa

" Can food choices influence cancer risk? "

Many factors can contribute to the development of chronic diseases, including certain types of cancer. The link between diet and cancer risk is complicated. However, certain dietary patterns and food

Oily Fish Consumption and more...

"Oily Fish Consumption Tied to Lower Type 2 Diabetes Risk."Use of fish oil supplements over time also tied to lower diabetes risk.onsumption

High in protein foods

" What foods are high in protein? "Eating foods high in protein has many benefits, including muscle building, weight loss, and feeling fuller af

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Grocery Stores Are the Coronavirus Tipping Point.

Even one of the last bastions of normal American life could not escape the outbreak.For a couple of weeks now, grocery stores have been one of the only respites from cabin fever. Despite all the loc

"How a Healthy Breakfast Could Curb Heart Trouble"

A new study links skipping breakfast to a higher risk of clogged arteries. Here's what you should be eating in the a.m.Don’t believe in the importance of a healthy breakfast? A new study published

Too much sugar may harm men mental health.

"Too much sugar may harm men's mental health."The downfalls of high sugar consumption are not limited to poor dental health and weight gain; a new study finds that eating too much sugar may also incr