Everyone need some kind of protection including our Elders.

I recently saw a news report online that “47 State AGs Support Federal Bill to Reduce Senior Fraud/Scams.”

If you have ever received those spam emails trying to get money from you, you will understand the importance of the above for everyone – not just seniors. But seniors are targeted in a different way by Spammers who think it’s easier to rip-off retired older folks. They would not care less if the person ends up dead or worse off in life.

Spammers or Fraudsters are some of the worst kind of people I have ever known – especially online. I remember seeing a video on YouTube how Spammers spammed an older person to death – she died from the stress and financial loss in her life. Her daughter seen in the video confirmed and how she tried to get her to stop believing the lies of the Spammers and stop sending them money. The Spammers were even selling her information to other Spammers so they too can get “easy money” out of that elderly woman. That’s how wicked Spammers are – they have no conscience.

I’m not sure to what extent the “Federal Bill” mentioned above will help seniors. But it’s good news and hopefully will work. Spammers are like any other criminals. So legal means to stop and punish them will always be appreciated.

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