” Resilience in the age of global crises: How can we cultivate it? “
It is time we talked about the R-word: resilience. So many articles, memes, songs, and podcasts talk about how to be resilient and see ourselves through tough times. But what does it really mean to be resilient, and how useful is this concept still?

“Can’t you see? Life’s easy if you look at things from another point of view.”

Many readers will be familiar with these iconic lyrics from the DB Boulevard song “Point of view.”

This song describes what many people understand through resilience: the ability to consider negative events “from another point of view,” one that allows them to construct a different, positive narrative.

Another way of understanding resilience might be through the phrase “grin and bear it” — going through negative life experiences by subduing “unwanted” emotions of anger, sadness, or hopelessness.

How useful is each of these takes on resilience, though, and does either of them fully explain what psychological resilience is?

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