"A radical change is coming to the way major credit cards work."

The credit cards that dominate the spending habits of so many consumers, from companies that range from Mastercard to Visa and even Apple with its Apple Card, are slowly changing the look and feel that consumers have come to expect from these card products.

Credit cards are increasingly taking on a vertical orientation.
This comes as apps like TikTok and Instagram acclimate the world toward a vertically scrolling feed, and it also reflects how most consumers use their credit cards anyway — by inserting them into chip readers vertically, for example.

Here’s something I bet most you didn’t see coming: TikTok and Instagram are such pervasive cultural forces in the world today, they’re starting to quietly influence the design of — credit cards, of all things.

In recent days, PayPal released new debit and credit card vertical designs for its Venmo app, which a company executive said was partly inspired by the vertical orientation of those popular social media apps. Daniela Jorge, vice president of design at PayPal, told Bloomberg in a recent interview that this is just the way the whole world is thinking now. And what people’s expectations are for apps and consumer products like credit cards. “The world around us is becoming more of the portrait mode and the vertical orientation,” Jorge said.

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