They wrote about: "Best Low-Cost Cell Phone Plans."

“Best Low-Cost Cell Phone Plans.”
Consumer Reports checks out the latest from AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon.

The pricing practices of the Big Four cell phone carriers can be so convoluted at times that you almost need an advanced degree in math to decipher them.

Plan costs vary widely depending on the number of lines and the amount of data you need. There are different thresholds for data throttling, international service, hot spot usage, and speed. And some plans offer a smorgasbord of free content from streaming services, which can be hard to value.

And now Sprint and T-Mobile have officially merged, raising many questions about how the combined company will structure its service offerings. For now, the carriers continue to offer separate plans, though analysts say they don’t think Sprint’s plans will be hanging around for much longer.

And while long-term contracts are a thing of the past, if you finance your phone through your carrier, you’ll have to pay off the balance before switching to another provider.

The advent of 5G service has further complicated matters, with carriers once again restructuring their plans to price in that connectivity. In some cases, it’s included. In others, it’s not.

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