"Home Security Cameras From Top Brands Lack Basic Digital Security Measures."

Many models don’t offer two-factor authentication or robust privacy policies, Consumer Reports finds.

You buy a security camera to keep your home safe, but is your camera keeping your privacy and data safe? CR’s Digital Lab evaluates digital products and services for how well they protect consumers’ privacy and security.

After six weeks of testing that included evaluating more than 70 privacy and security criteria on 26 cameras, our experts found that nine security-camera brands—Blue by ADT, Canary, D-Link, Eufy, Honeywell Home, Logitech, Toucan, TP-Link, and Zmodo—still lack two-factor authentication, a more stringent security measure than using just a single password to log in.

There’s no good excuse for not offering it. “Two-factor authentication is an easy-to-implement second layer of authentication that, when enabled, can stop some hackers’ attacks immediately, protecting users’ accounts,” says Cody Feng, CR’s test engineer for privacy and security. Many manufacturers’ privacy policies also do a poor job of detailing exactly how they use the data from their customers’ cameras.

READ more at: https://www.consumerreports.org/wireless-security-cameras/home-security-cameras-from-top-brands-lack-basic-digital-security-measures/

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