Wine in a Can? Yes You Can! The Best Wines Now Come in the Most Convenient Packages

August 21, 2019 All Blog Posts Category

The lowly aluminum can is getting an upgrade as great winemakers are filling them with delicious wines.

I recently had a wine that completely surprised me. It wasn’t the wine itself that was surprising – Broc Cellars has quite a reputation for making tasty California wines – but by how good it was coming out of a 375ml can. The 2018 Love Rosé was all strawberries and guava candy with a touch of smokiness that was straight delicious, and it shocked the heck out of me that wine poured from a can could be so good. A skeptic had been swayed. And canned wine skeptics abound in the wine world. The ritual of wine – the cork popping, the swirling, the smelling – can get lost when a wine is drunk from a can. It can be hard to appreciate all that goes into making wine when the container removes the romance and mystique.

But there are more and more winemakers utilizing cans as of late, and not just The Family Coppola with Sofia Mini Blanc de Blancs, or Underwood putting Pinot Noir on the shelves. In the last year alone, can sales in the US are up 69%, according to Wine Spectator; and small, high quality producers are leading the charge to put good quality juice in cans.

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